Hello I'm Dewey Kang, Law Student at Fordham University School of Law

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Dewey Kang is a Law student at Fordham University School of Law, working towards specialty in intellectual property law (patent law). • B.A., cum laude, Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) Bucknell University • Seven-years as researcher at Yale University School of Medicine (Dept. of Neurosurgery) • Two publications in medical journals • Two-years organic chemistry research at Bucknell University • Founded two technology news websites • Three-years as Student Leader, Technology Support Consultants at Bucknell University • Participated in numerous private/public beta testing sessions • Passionate about software/hardware development • Glass Explorer

Specialties: Chemistry (Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry) • Medical research • Technology consulting • Software/Hardware QA

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Law Student | Intellectual Property Law | Patent Law | Chemistry | Organic Chemistry | Medical Research | Neurosurgery | Technology | Early Adopter | Gadgets | Beta Testing | Software and Hardware QA | Glass Explorer